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Arms PvE dps guide

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Arms PvE dps guide

Post  Iceforged on Tue Dec 16, 2008 11:52 am

so with Wrath of the Lich King, i have noticed that Arms has definitely become less technical a playstyle than it had been in TBC(remember the Slam rotation?)

so this means that the style is not a rotation, but using skills based on their priority or keeping a list of skill priority.

1. Rend - Rend or rather, DOT damage has become a BIG part of Arms PvE damage due to synergizing talents such as Deep Wounds/Trauma/Blood Frenzy. Cheap rage cost, opens up Taste for Blood procs. Overpower talented gives u almost a guaranteed crit provided u have enough crit in Battle Stance, this will keep Deep Wounds, Trauma and Enrage up, adding to dps.

2. Overpower/Execute(SD) - basically these two are a big part of your damage, Overpower is a no brainer as i mentioned above. SD is a very powerful tool, and only gets better as you get higher crit, allows for massive burst dmg.

3. Mortal Strike - No explanation needed, big damage.

4. Slam - Use Slam when Rend does not need refreshing, Overpower/Execute is not lit, and MS is on cooldown. It is quite often actually when this happens(often enough to make ignoring Slam a mistake. Never spam this skill though! Slam delays your white swing timer(the ones that give u rage altogether), hence spamming it one after another slows down damage and also decreases rage generation.

Acquire Quartz(mod to track your white swing timers). Altogether Quartz is not as important for Arms warriors as it was for TBC(due to Slam being a huge part of Arms dps back then), it is important to use the occasional Slam right after the white swing hits. Quartz allows you to do it much, much easier.


ArP - worthless

Haste - good, but definitely secondary to AP, and Crit.

AP - not as much as with Fury, but still the important stat in tandem with Crit. Too much crit with too little AP - wimpy hits.

Crit - Wrecking Crew( Enrage ), Deep Wounds, Trauma. No brainer, biggest stat for a Arms warrior.

Baethor has commented that with Arms, hit dont matter ALOT. And i tend to agree. However try to get 200hit, a good level indeed but if u get more than that dont sweat as the hit cap for Arms now has been raised to 264.

Expertise - believe it or not, we need to get some of Expertise, cause we dont have Weapon Mastery and we are using a 2hander, if the bosses parries our attack, its a full attack missed. More important stat for Arms warriors than with TG warriors.

So pump up stats to 200hit, 30% crit in Battle Stance( most important are these)

IMO, TG still has the upper hand in overall dmg but Arms is not far behind and both bring alot to raids but in terms of fun, Arms playstyle is the win, no contest.


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