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Combat Rogue DPS (3.3.3)

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Combat Rogue DPS (3.3.3)

Post  Ozmademos on Mon May 17, 2010 12:22 am

This post is intended to help those not familiar with Combat Rogue mechanics to get a simple overview

15/51/0 is the spec

Here's the link:
Just cut and paste it. There are a couple points to add in yourself and a couple that can be moved...

***Note: The Link has Glyphs Already in there for You***

Close Quarters Combat
If you like Daggers and Fist Weapons. Near equal to the other two weapon specializations, so it's up to you and your gear.

Mace Specialization
If you like Maces. Near equal to the other two weapon specializations, so it's up to you and your gear.

Hack and Slash
If you like Swords and Axes. Near equal to the other two weapon specializations, so it's up to you and your gear.

Relentless Strikes
Sometimes chosen if you have Energy issues when first raiding but mostly left out.

Blood Splatter
Combat is typically a "Ruptureless" spec, so there isnt as much need for this talent.

Vile Poisons
If you find that your poisons are getting applied easily and often, then this talent is weighted higher than Improved Poisons.

Improved Poisons
If you have a bit of trouble applying poisons, which is very possible with poisons using a spell hit table (or 17% for 100% application), then this talent should receive many or most of your extra points.


Main-Hand: Instant Poison
Off-Hand: Deadly Poison


Glyph of Slice and Dice
Useful, since you need to keep this up all the time on a boss fight. This is one of two popular Glyphs that reduce the duration of a cooldown ability; the other being Glyph of Adrenaline Rush.

Glyph of Killing Spree
Situational, since you'll want to be very careful with the ability itself around bosses with frontal or rear attacks (cleaves and tail swipes). Also, you can stack Killing Spree with Blade Flurry for some extra damage without this glyph.

Minor Glyphs
Minor Glyphs dont really contribute directly to damage, so it's your choice!


Hit: you'll need 8%, or 263 hit rating (3% with Precision)

Agility: gives you Attack Power and Crit. generally, the most important stat.

Expertise: it's not anything you need to stack, but will 6.5% cap it, or 214 expertise rating (note, though, that being a human or dwarf and using certain weapons can help you get capped faster).

Armor Pen: this becomes important after you get about 400 total ArPen from gear and trinket procs, but less important after your total ArPen from gear and trinket procs is above 1400.

Crit: it's helpful to you, but nothing you want to go out of your way to stack.

Haste: least important stat overall.

Attack Power: you'll get it from Agility mostly. Strength also gives Rogues Attack Power but not Crit, and since the itemized armor for Rogues is Leather with Agility and Attack Power, chances are you wont be stacking Strength or going for Strength-based gear anytime soon Smile

Armor: wear leather Attack Power gear


Meta: Relentless (+21 Agil and +3% crit dmg)
Red: Delicate (+20 Agil) if you're less than 400 or greater than 1400 total ArPen with trinket procs, or Fractured (+20 ArPen).
Yellow: Glinting (+10 Agi and +10 Hit) if you're not hit capped, and if the socket bonus nets more than 4 Agil. Generally, just use all Red gems regardless of socket bonus.
Blue: Nightmare Tear (obviously you can only get just one, so put it in a good slot!)

Priority (but sort of a rotation)

1 ) Slice and Dice (make sure it never falls off during a fight, ever)
2 ) Sinister Strike (up to 5 combo points, unless Slice and Dice will fall off sooner)
3 ) Eviscerate

There are more cooldowns to manage here, like Killing Spree, Blade Flurry, and Adrenaline Rush, but generally use them as often as you can; save them if there's a sure early use of Heroism.
Be careful when using Killing Spree in case the boss has some kind of frontal or rear attack (like a tail swipe or cleave)

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