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Fury guide for experienced players by Iceforged

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Fury guide for experienced players by Iceforged

Post  Iceforged on Thu May 13, 2010 2:22 pm

First of all, i think saying this post i for 'experienced' players will net me some skeptical looks. I agree, i am not the final word in Fury dps. in fact I am far from it. However, this guide is a step-up from the basics guide posted by Ozmademos in the Physical DPS forum. Come here after u have gained some familiarity with the spec. Make comments i like them.

This should be your spec if you are a Fury Warrior:

Filler Talents and their considerations

Rend: Some EJ warriors contemplate the idea of swapping to Battle Stance during free GCDs to put in Rend. I dont do this. However 2/2 Imp Rend is in the linked spec.. for no particular reason. Its just there. My spec doesnt have it.

Tactical Mastery: I recommend this. If you dont have Arms warriors in the raid u need to swap to Battle Stance to use Shattering Throw during burn phases.

Improved Cleave: If u have 2/3 or 3/3 it will boost ur AoE and trash dps by ALOT.

Heroic Fury and Improved Intercept: For fights that have alot of movement, these talents are awesome. More dps time on boss since u can run back to the boss faster.

Piercing Howl: good for Saurfang adds. I would think this would be invaluable in heroic Saurfang.

Say NO to Unbridled Wrath and Enrage.


164 hit ( you really only need 164 hit to ensure your Yellow attacks are hit capped, because you will be Heroic Striking so much that alot of ur white swings will turn to yellow and hence will never miss ) , more hit will ensure ur Offhand white swings are capped, but there is really no need. If u are poorly geared, i.e low levels of ArP and Str, your rage income will suffer, its natural. But this doesnt justify running over the 164 cap. Cause the general consensus is that if your gear isnt up to a certain level, go Arms, its much less painful and yields higher dps. As ur gear improves e.g 2800 GS and above, rage income is extremely high and anymore than 164hit is wasted.

26/26 expertise ( really really important .. dodged attack = zero dps )

Just to clear up.....

Get 3/3 Precision.. u will need less hit from gear thus allowing you to allocate gear slots to other stats like str and ArP

Bloodsurge is mandatory ( reason being, when BT/WW is on CD and assuming HS is being spammed, the only way to increase ur dps is to ADD in more attacks, and this is where Slam comes in. It eats a TON of rage, and as such i only use it when i have over 50 rage )

Strength v.s Armor Penetration

Strength for Fury warriors has a much higher value compared with Arms warrior.. cause of the Improved Berserker Talent. However, there is still gonna be a point whereby ArP is going to be a higher dps increase point for point. This is cause ArP becomes better the more of it you have . All 10k dps warriors have 100% armor ignore which is 1400 arp rating.

So... how to determine when to start stacking ArP ? It depends on ur current gear and stats. However... the great warrior Landsoul has done the hardest job ever - make a spreadsheet that u can plug in ur gear and raid buffs and it will result in a LIST of S.E.P values ( Strength Equivalency Point ). Strength is always 1.0 , and thus if ArP is > 1.0 from the spreadsheet, start to go ArP ^^ .

Spreadsheet is available on EJ's website. This isn't a absolutely MUST... but it is useful :/

Haste becomes good when you have 100% armor ignore, and you are at the crit cap ( i dunno the exact number) and the only stat that will help ur dps other than more strength is Haste. More Haste means that more Heroic Strikes. Hence the usefulness of the Vrykul proc from DBW for warriors. Taunka proc is still best (600Str LOLOL)

Agility is useless. Avoid it like the plague unless ur current piece of gear is damn shitty and the spreadsheet tells u its an upgrade. By this i mean do not specifically gear for agility. But if u have no choice an upgrade is an upgrade, so take it.

MH and OH

MH should have the higher weapon damage, but if u have 2 weapons with SAME dmg, put the one with faster speed into the OH. Why? Since u will be converting all ur mainhand attacks into Yellows, ur rage will come from OH white swings. Faster OH white swings = more rage = more attacks = higher dps.

Gemming and Gearing and Enchants

Follow the spreadsheet (seriously. don't follow ur gut/judgement since u can be wrong however math does not lie ) Plug in new pieces of gear that u have your eye on and check whether it will result in dps increase ( yes the spreadsheet calculates whats ur theoretical upper limit dps )

Always dual Berzerking on ur weapons .. dont be cheap and it's best DPS


BT -> WW - Free GCD (or 2 )---> BT --> WW (Repeat)

Fill in Slams in the free GCDs whenever u have rage.. if u have like 40 rage .. dont use it.. it will rage starve u. Slam is a precarious ability but adds to ur dps if u use it right.

Spam Heroic Strike. It will not affect ur rotation as it as not GCD bound. You should have 100% uptime or near to it in fights such as Festergut or Rotface. Don't spam it when you *feel* you are going to have insufficient rage to do BT/WW cos they are higher priority. However with ICC10 gear u should be able to spam it and get away with it.

Never use Heroic Throw unless u are away from the boss e.g running back from kiting Slimes. Heroic Throw will reset ur white swing timers resulting in dps loss .. less rage etc.

Targets below 20%:

follow ur normal rotation, Execute is a bonus whenever

1. You have the rage
2. BT/WW is on CD and Bloodsurge doesnt proc.

Heroic Strike should be your top dmg ability in Recount meter. the subsequent ability can vary from BT to WW ( likely in multitarget situations) to Deep Wounds.

Offensive Cooldowns are Death Wish and Recklessness

1. Do not use ur precious GCDs on them when you could be doing BT or WW instead. It will be a dps loss. Use it during free GCDs and before start of fight.


1. Indestructible Potions before fight starts adds a hefty 97 attack power. Every little bit counts.
2. Food should be ur ArP food or ur Fish Feast and the equivalent if you have 1406 ArP rating like me =)
3. 10Str 10Crit gems ( Inscribed Ametrine) in Yellow Sockets always.

As always.. If you have ANY questions at all, PM me in game, i will help you out. If i cant, i will try to learn from friends who are amazing fury warrs and get back to you.


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