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Survival Hunter DPS (3.3.3)

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Survival Hunter DPS (3.3.3)

Post  Ozmademos on Sat May 08, 2010 9:42 pm

This post is intended to help those not familiar with Survival Hunter mechanics to get a simple overview

0/14/54 is the spec

Here's the link:

Just cut and paste it. It leaves a few points open for you to choose something extra...
***Note: The Link has Glyphs Already in there for You***

Improved Aspect of Hawk
This is worth some extra damage periodically, if you werent interested in the more raid-supporting options.

Hawk Eye
Dont stand too far away or you might not be in range for healers =) typically ignored

Focused Aim
Generally, you'll want to put your talents elsewhere to max your dps. Hit isnt too bad to get from gear, so this talent should only be gotten if you're starting out, then dumped later.

Aimed Shot
Aimed Shot is almost universal among Survival hunters, not 100% necessary, but it will contribute an extra shot and some dps gain.

Hunting Party
This is the big raid-supporter for Survival Hunters. It provides a little boost to agility and replenishes the raid with mana. At high levels of content, mana isnt usually a big enough issue to make this a 'must have'. But, since there

Improved Stings[/ b]
You'll need an extra point in the Marksman tree to get this, but a little gain in overall damage.

As you can see in the talent page, there are some spots for glyphs. The only other really important one is:

[b]Glyph of Steady Shot

Probably use this in place of Glyph of Kill Shot if you have enough Armor Pen to make the damage from Steady Shot significantly better. Kill Shot tends to be very situational.

Glyph of Aimed Shot
Not hugely important (if you did happen to pick up Aimed Shot). If anything, your computer latency may work this against you. More lag means less utility from this.

Minor Glyphs
No Hunter Minor Glyphs contribute to your damage, so it's purely your choice!


Hit: you'll need 8%, or 263 hit rating, less depending on how many points in Focused Aim (7% if you're a Draenei)

Agility: gives you Attack Power and Crit. It procs all your abilities that give you more agility and attack power. Stack it to the max!

Armor Pen: Survival does alot of magical damage (or at least more than the other two hunter trees), so Armor Pen isnt super important except at the highest levels of gear. Then, it starts to get near or beyond Crit in important. Generally, Agility is always best though

Crit: next most important thing after agility, but best to go with agility.

Haste: not worth nearly as much as Agility and Crit.

Attack Power: you'll get it from agility and procs

Armor: wear AP mail gear, because it has intellect. You dont want to gem for Int, but the intellect from the mail gear contributes directly to your attack power (via Careful aim), so dont pick up leather items. They're not for you.


Most sites will tell you to go for a Wolf or Wasp for their utility. The Wolf for its Furious Howl and the Wasp for its Armor Reduction sting.
The website here is the best resource:


Meta: Relentless (+21 Agil and +3% crit dmg)
Red: Bright Delicate (+20 Agil) or, Glinting (+10 Agil and +10 hit) if you're not hit capped
Yellow: Deadly (+10 Agil and +10 Crit), use this only in yellow spaces if the socket bonus nets more Agil or Crit or AP, otherwise just use one of the solid Red gems.
Blue: Nightmare Tear (obviously you can only get just one, so put it in a good slot!)

Priority (not a rotation)

1 ) Kill Shot
2 ) Explosive Shot
3 ) Black Arrow
4 ) Serpent Sting
5 ) Multi-Shot (or Aimed Shot if you picked it up)
5 ) Steady Shot

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