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Raid Strategy for Hyjal bosses. (Please read before attending Hyjal Raids)

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Raid Strategy for Hyjal bosses. (Please read before attending Hyjal Raids)

Post  Admin on Tue Oct 28, 2008 1:52 pm

Raid Strategy for Rage Winterchill

Now this fight is pretty easy and we usually do it with no discussions. Everyone should have way to get out of Icebolts, be it Alliance Trinket, Blink for Mages and Everyman for himself for Humans. It will help you Survive this fight.

Also the Strategy link...has info on the trash waves and the different type of mobs and how to handle them. Normally they say sheep necros... but we will keep up and counterspell chain on them.

Raid Strategy for Anetheron

Use this strategy for the Trash Mobs alone. We use a different strategy for the Boss Fight and it will be quickly set up before we start the event.

Raid Strategy for Kaz'Rogal

Again use this strategy only for the Trash Waves. We have a different Boss Strategy that we will get into when in the raid.

Raid Stategy for Azgalor

This Boss is one we are still attempting and haven't knocked out a sure fire Boss Strategy. So read up for the trash and also take a look at the boss fight keeping in mind we might be doing something different.

Raid Strategy for Archimonde

We haven't started him as yet. But when we do this will be a nice strat to look at.

Remember read all the strategies even if it is only know the make up of the waves so you will know what is coming in each wave.

And if you got any problems or different ideas for the boss fights, You can discusses it in this thread.


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