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Benchmarks for healing as a paladin, and the different builds of holy pally

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Benchmarks for healing as a paladin, and the different builds of holy pally

Post  Lawbreaker on Tue Apr 14, 2009 3:47 pm

Hey all, for the paladins out there (including myself =) ) who would like to have a benchmark for their healing off-set/ main-set, i'd like to go ahead and ask what a good benchmark is for healing as a paladin in both raids and heroics. Heroics i'd like separated also like Violet Hold where damage is pretty manageable and places where the mobs hit like trucks, ie. Ahn'Kahet: the Old Kingdom.

I wanna go ahead and throw out there what i have healed VH with even when my set was not yet complete, rolling in with a green spell power weapon with like 260 SP, and 3-4 defense items still, I healed that place pretty comfortably at around 1450 SP, obviously smartly using talents like the Beacon and holy shock when necessary...

As a secondary thing i want to discuss: 2 different builds for healing. I see a lot of gear that is stacking up on the mp5, and slightly less gear that has crit rating on it. This brings into play 2 different builds that a Paladin can make when making his/her heal set.

Pre-Wrath, and still today, paladin mana return is/was largely made from critting on your heals, and 5/5 points into the Illumination provides 60% of the mana cost back to the player. As such, crit was the way to go: it lessened the need to heal due to larger heals on players, and gave some of the mana back providing a longevity to the player's mana pool. Playing around with the talents i found the best build for me as a crit-build was 51/0/20, which relies heavily on the ret tree to give that extra crit. For Holy Shock and Holy Light this build gives a BASE crit of 19% from talents alone, and Flash of Light gets a 13% base crit chance from talents. The only part is this build has no blessing of Kings, so the paladin will lose much of his actual raid utility only having Blessing of Might and Wisdom to give out.

MP5 builds stack the mp5 heavily as their base of mana regen, much like a priest or other healing class pretty much. I, personally, don't favor the mp5 build as the Paladin is really not made to go for mp5 when crit gives them the mana back. It's not all that hard to make an mp5 pally though, as your looking for as much intellect and mp5 as you can get your hands on, with stamina as a luxury that would be needed in Maly in order to survive the vortexes later on as the gear gets better.

anyways, i think i've provided a good bit of info for starters, any additions are welcome =)

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Re: Benchmarks for healing as a paladin, and the different builds of holy pally

Post  Aksana on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:10 am

Honestly, I feel either play style of holy paladin is viable and it really is a matter of personal preference. I prefer seeing big numbers, and if those big green numbers happen to be my way of mana regen, all the better.

Spec wise, I go for It hasn't done me wrong yet and with the new talent (at least I believe its new) in prot, that should also help boost the size of those crit heals as well as help make healing me a little easier, granted the former is usually more important then the later, but meh.

Right now, I'm setting at like 2100 and some change, SP wise, and I know my crit is over 26%, but where exactly it is I couldn't tell you without actually staring at my stats (still updating as I type this, so that won't be for awhile). I've seen my crit get over 33% with the right buffs and my SP cap out over 2500 with those same raid buffs. That being said, my mp5 is only at 99 unbuffed and I honestly can't say what it is with wisdom, but in all honesty, as my gear has gotten better, I've found that I'm starting to prefer Kings over wisdom. Granted, if I can get both I'm a very happy healer, but Kings gives me more stam and, more importantly, more intellect. Intellect means more spellpower and more crit. In most situations, if I find myself struggling for mana, I can usually squeeze in a Divine Plea or mana pot, or Divine Illumination will be up which helps take some of the burden of mana costs off my mana pull when I'm finding I'm not critting as much as I would like.

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