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KelíThuzad 10-man Boss Strategy Guide

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KelíThuzad 10-man Boss Strategy Guide

Post  sarawilson on Fri Jan 09, 2009 3:13 pm

KelíThuzad is the 2nd and final boss of both Frostwyrm Lair and the entirety of Naxxramas. Once the chief agent responsible for the spreading of the plague across Lordaeron, KelíThuzad was struck down by Arthas in the 3rd war. Following his mortal demise KelíThuzad was reborn as a Lich and sent by Arthas to the floating necropolis of Naxxramas.

KelíThuzad Abilities
Phase 1 Abilities

Skeleton - These skeletons will cast dark blast on themselves, when they hit someone this will blow up dealing 3,000-4,000 AoE damage.
Abominations - Apply a healing debuff on hit, -10% healing per hit, stackable.
Ghosts - Deals a 6,400-8,600 AoE knock back.

Phase 2 Abilities

Frost Bolt - single target frost bolt on random player, deals 10,000-12,000 damage.
Multi-Frost Bolt - AoE frost bolts across the entire raid, deals 4,500-5,500 damage.
Shadow Fissure - Summons a red circle object on the ground under a random player. After 5 seconds the shadow fissure will go off, dealing 62,000-100,000 damage.
Frost Blast - Casts an ice block on a random player, this will chain to all players within 10 yards, casting ice block on all of them. Deals 104% of their maximum HP over 4 seconds.

KelíThuzad Boss Strategy

Phase 1 Tactics

Phase 1 is fairly straight forward. The entire raid will start in the center of the room, after a few moments this phase will begin. Monsters around the perimeter of the room will start to walk towards the center of the room, donít panic though, only a few will come at a time.

These monsters must be killed before they reach the middle, specifically the skeletons and the ghosts, who both have strong AoE attacks. Youíll want to rely heavily on your ranged DPS here, as melee venturing out too far can risk pulling additional mobs or getting AoE themselves. Phase 2 begins after a few minutes of killing mobs.

Phase 2 Tactics

Youíll know phase 2 is starting when you see all the additional mobs around the perimeter despawn. Youíll have to kill the remaining ghosts, aboms, and skeletons as phase 2 is starting. Just make sure your main tank is ready for KelíThuzad at this point.

Healing Pointers

Healing wise there are several things weíre going to be looking for. First, weíve got the frost bolts, both single and AoE. These are going to be firing off the entire time so be prepared to immediately heal your raid up. You donít want to leave anyone below max HP for long.

More importantly though, letís talk about the main issue that may kill people, frost blast. Youíll need to be quick on the heals here. After the ice block lands on the player you have exactly 4 seconds to get some sort of heal on them, otherwise they are dead. Make sure your healers are spread evenly around the room, preferably towards the center so you can heal anyone in your raid without worrying about range.

Positioning and Frost Blast

Frost blast is bad enough on a single playerÖlet alone multiple, but it will chain to additional players within 10 yards of the original targeted player. For this reason you need to have aprx. 10 yards of separation between everyone in the raid. If it casts on 2-3 people per blasts chances are someone is going to die.

Phase 3 Tactics

Phase 3 really isnít a new phase, itís simply the spawning of 2 nerubian crypt lords. These adds both spawn at 40% and must be immediately picked up by your off tank. All other phase 2 abilities will continue during these phase.


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