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Malygos - yes you want to go

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Malygos - yes you want to go

Post  sarawilson on Wed Jan 07, 2009 11:47 am

Need to start practicing on the Daily in Coldara to win with Malygos.

Phase One
During Phase One, Malygos is tanked in the center of the room by one tank.

His attacks hit hard, but the attack speed is slow. He does arcane breaths for X damage.

Throughout the fight, power sparks come out of portals outside of the platform, they slowly move to Malygos, and if they hit him his next arcane breath does a VERY HIGH amount of damage, most likely one-shotting your tank. It's important that they are killed before they hit him. When the power sparks are killed, they drop a small aura on the ground that increases your damage done. The aura stacks, so if they all die in that same location, you can get very high hits off.

Trick: The sparks can be "pulled" to your DPS with Death Grip, so it advisable to have a pre-assigned stack location for your raid, and have a Death Knight pull the sparks to that spot. Once pulled they are rootable to keep them in place while you kill them.

Malygos also uses a cyclone ability that will pull the entire raid into the air and spin them around. He will not attack your tank during this ability, however power sparks will continue to move toward him, make sure you kill them if they are going to get too close to him. Once this ability ends, Malygos will be facing in a random direction and your tank will also be in a random location, so it is vital to move intelligently at this point before he is once again facing your tank, as his breath will one-shot any dps or healers unlucky enough to be in the wrong place.

Note: Once Malygos reaches 50%, he will slowly take off, however he remains targetable until he reaches his max height, so burn him as best you can while he is taking off.

Phase Two
Phase Two begins at 50%.

Malygos himself is not targetable during this phase, it will end when the adds he spawns are all killed. However, he does continue to play a part in the encounter.

During this phase he drops anti-magic zones onto the ground the raid MUST stand inside of, it reduces magical damage taken by 50%. They shrink over time, so it's important that your raid moves to each new one he drops.

Throughout the phase, he will deep breath doing ~4k damage per second, unless you are standing inside of the anti-magic zone.

The way the fight works during this phase is there are NPCs riding around on disks in the room. There are two types of mobs, Lords and Scions. The Lords will move down onto the group, and need to be tanked (They will one-shot a non-tank). After they die, they drop a disk that a raid member can mount onto, which allows them to fly, to attack the Scions that do not come down to the ground. It is recommended to let melee take the first disks, then ranged. As those mobs die, they also drop disks, which allows the rest of your dps to get onto them. The Scions will continually cast Arcane Blast on random targets on the floor, which is mitigated by the anti-magic zones. While mounted on a disk, you will not take damage.

After all of the NPCs riding on the disks die, the players on the disks need to dismount as Phase 3 is about to begin.

Note: After all the Scions are dead, you will get a short burn period on Malygos before he breaks the floor. Use any DPS increase cooldowns that are available at this time, as you will not be able to use them once you mount your dragon. If executed well you can take an extra 5%-10% off his HP before you enter phase 3.

Phase Three
Phase Three begins when all of the Scions die (the Lords should be killed first, so they must be killed as well). Malygos destroys the floor of the room, and the raid falls onto dragons.

The dragons use combo points and energy sort of like a rogue. The combo points are used for special finishing moves.

During this phase Malygos does - In Melee Range...
Heavy Melee Attacks and Cleaves Ranged
A high damage ranged ability (The focusing mentioned below)

The dragons have 6 abilities:

Flame Spike
Damaging fire attack causing 943-1057 fire damage and awarding 1 combo point at the cost of 10 energy.

Engulf in Flames
Finishing move which launches a blast of flame igniting target for 1500 fire damage every 3 seconds. The effect can stack and will last longer per combo point up to 22 seconds. Costs 50 energy.

A HoT that lasts for 10 seconds healing 500 per second and awarding 1 combo point at the cost of 10 energy.

Life Burst
Huge healing finishing move which increases the casters healing done by 50% and lasts longer per combo point. Max combo points award a 15k heal over 25 seconds. Costs 50 energy.

Blazing Speed
Increases your drake's flight speed by 500%.

Flame Shield
Finishing move to protect your drake. Shield surrounds you reducing all damage taken by 80% and lasting up to 6 seconds for max combo points. Costs 25 energy with a 30 second cooldown.

The healers in the fight should continue healing with Revivify and Life Burst. The DPS should use Flame Spike and keep Engulf in Flames up. When Malygos focuses on you, you must use Flame Shield to protect yourself.

Keeping everyone topped off, and people surviving the focusing will lead to the death of Malygos.

Note: Remember to save 25 energy at all times to use your shield, if you are at 0 energy and targeted, you may be killed before you regen enough to use your shield. This is important as threat seems strange for this portion of the encounter and you may be targeted at any time.

The End
Then you just burn him until the end of the fight, where Alexstraza enters and gives you loot. The loot for the fight comes from Alexstaraza's Gift, the fight rewards two badges.

The exit portal respawns, and you can fly over to it. But the floor of the instance does not respawn.


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Re: Malygos - yes you want to go

Post  Boman on Wed Jan 07, 2009 2:33 pm

Definitely a good reminder to all - start doing the daily! As soon as Group 1 downs Sapphiron we will be adding Malygos to our weekly raid schedule.

And for those groups that don't have a DK, I really enjoyed the tankspot video on the fight. Just go to youtube and do a search for tankspot malygos. The biggest difference is that the MT is moving malygos so that the sparks can stay in a predefined place.



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